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Tall grass
July 1, 2005. Preparation is seriously underway 10 months in advance. Driving through the tall grass from the explosives magazine.
Oriental mustard in full bloom
From the drivers seat of the van at the same time as the tall grass picture.
Drying out the containers
July 1, 2005. Some of the small containers to store the nearly 3500 pounds of Ammonium Nitrate I bought today.
By the truckload
July 1, 2005. 3480 pounds of Ammonium Nitrate.
Doug helping load the containers
July 1, 2005. A dozen new 32 gallon garbage cans, 55 gallon pickle barrels, empty potassium chlorate drums, five gallon olive barrels, and seven gallon plastic buckets. We used nearly every contaier we could find.
Our setup
Probably a third of the Ammonium Nitrate is in the small containers now.
08/14/2005. Yellow jacket nest in the Taj
08/14/2005. Light was moved so I can stand up.
08/14/2005. Inverter mounted to the magazine
08/14/2005. North side of the Taj rearranged.
08/14/2005. South side rearranged.
The black garbage cans on the left are empty and go outside when the Taj is in use. On the right (North) the garbage cans (nine) are filled with Ammonium Nitrate.
9/07/2005 Hood over lock and hasp on Taj Mahal
9/07/2005 Hoods over locks and hasps on Taj Mahal
9/07/2005 Hood over lock and hasp on Taj Mahal-top
10/04/2005 Boomerite II
Latest and greatest version of "Joe's special recipe" for Boomershooting. This is after being in storage for four days.
10/04/2005 Two pounds of Boomerite versus a tree
I used the dead tree to hold the 7"x7" target while doing sensitivity tests. This was after four days of storage. Multiple hits of a .22LR with a target velocity ~1170 fps failed to detonate it. .22LR with a velocity of ~1500 fps detonated it on the first shot. At the time of mixing 1170 fps would reliably detonate it.
10/04/2005 Reactive target/IPSC target
I put four reactive targets on top of four IPSC target to make it easier to find the targets at 700 yards away.
10/04/2005 All bundled up for rain
It was typical Boomershoot weather--wet. I wrapped the targets in plastic to keep them from getting water logged.
10/04/2005 Targets in place at 700 yards
10/04/2005 Targets barely visible at 700 yards
10/04/2005 Targets moved to 380 yards
I was unable to hit them at 700 yards with my .223 without a spotter. I moved them to 380 yards to test sensitivity under real Boomershoot conditions.
10/04/2005 Success at 380 yards
The 50 grain VMAX bullets, with an estimated target velocity of 1970 fps, were successful in detonating the targets. I had not anticipated all the plastic scraps. I will return to pick them up. I ran out of time on this day.
10/13/2005 Battery or generator switch
Rewiring the Taj Mahal for easier switching between generator and battery power. Not seen is that the battery charger is hardwired to the generator input.
10/13/2005 Light switch
No more using the plug as a switch.
10/13/2005 12V receptacle
I can now plug in my cell phone charger from the car without bring a 120 VAC charger and turning on the inverter.
10/13/2005 KClO3 station
I have dedicated an air cleaner, an electronic scale, two battery powered sifters, and two blenders to the KClO3 processing.